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1.What is Thuraya Atlas IP?

Thuraya Atlas IP is a purpose-designed, fully-featured maritime satellite terminal supporting voice and broadband IP data connectivity at speeds of up to 444kbps. Designed to be a value-added solution for Thuraya maritime customers, Thuraya Atlas IP delivers superior performance compared to more highly-priced competitor terminals, but with a higher specification and at a lower cost.

2.What is the composition of the Atlas IP?

It consists of a Below Decks Unit (BDU) which can be installed anywhere inside the ship and a 3D stabilized Above Deck Antenna unit (ADU), connected together by a single RF cable.

3.What are the power requirements?

There is one power connection on the BDU. This must be connected to a DC power source with an input voltage range of 10 – 32V.

4.What are the product features?

Standard IP of up to 444kbps (receive), 384kbps (send)

  • Streaming IP 16-384Kbps (asymmetric)
  • 4 x LAN RJ45 Ports (including 1 PoE)
  • 1 x RS 232 Serial Port (GPS Output/Debugging log output)
  • 1 x GPIO Port (12-pin)
  • 1 x Mini-USB Port (with cover)
  • 1 x Antenna connector
  • 1 x Wi-Fi antenna connector
  • 1 x SIM card holder
  • 1 x Power supply connector
  • Built In Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) 802.11 b/g/n

5.How does the Atlas IP maintain a connection to the satellite whilst on the move?

The Atlas IP ADU is equipped with an auto-tracking system capable of pointing and tracking the Thuraya satellite automatically within the satellite region selected.

6.What is the extent of the Thuraya coverage footprint?

The Thuraya coverage footprint covers 160 countries in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Middle East. It also covers the major maritime trade routes in the Indian Ocean, North and South Asia and Australasia.

7.What are the types of services available on the Atlas IP?

Two types of broadband data services are available, Standard IP and Streaming IP.

Standard IP, also known as Background IP or Variable Bit Rate (VBR) offers up to 444Kbps receive speed and transmit speed on a shared mode or best effort basis.

Streaming IP, also known as Constant Bit Rate (CBR) offers dedicated data connectivity ranging from 16Kbps to 384Kbps.

8.What are the key end-user activities that Atlas IP supports?

  • Internet access for browsing and email
  • Weather information
  • Tracking
  • Circuit-switched voice
  • File transfer (FTP)
  • Video conferencing and video streaming
  • VPN and Remote Access
  • Database synchronization
  • Dynamic Telemetry and Data/Events Reporting

9.What are some of the key selling points for Thuraya Atlas IP?

Thuraya Atlas IP is designed as a value-added product, with many features built-in. As such Thuraya Atlas IP includes such features as:

  • Single cable for GPS and satellite antenna
  • Automatic cable calibration to adjust to variable cable length
  • Multi-lingual web console supports English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Built-in firewall and MAC Filtering – for added security
  • Port Forwarding - for automatic receipt of remote sensor data
  • Continuous GPS Output – for tracking and positioning
  • Time/Volume Limited Data Sessions - to avoid ‘bill shock’
  • Safe Mode - for fail-safe recovery
  • Thuraya Atlas IP features improved power efficiency, a smaller form factor and greater versatility than rival maritime broadband products.

10.Who are the target subscribers for Atlas IP?

Vessel owners, operators or charterers who need their vessels to be connected to the Internet while at sea. These range from merchant maritime, government organizations, fishing fleets and leisure boats.

11.Which company manufactures the Atlas IP terminal?

Atlas IP is manufactured by Addvalue Innovations of Singapore, under agreement with Thuraya.

12.What does the Atlas IP package contain?

  • Atlas IP satellite terminal
  • AV321 Maritime antenna
  • Maritime mounting kit
  • WLAN Antenna
  • Power cable for external DC power supply
  • 25m RF Coax Cable (N type-TNC)
  • Installation Manual
  • User Manual

13.Do I have to install software on my PC before connecting the Atlas IP?

Atlas IP is a true plug and play device. The browser on your PC that supports Java can be used to operate this terminal and it will simply work out of the box. To get the best out of the product Thuraya recommends the use of value added services that have been optimized for use over a satellite link.  There is a vast array of solutions available in the market to suit every requirement.  Please consult with your Thuraya service partner for more information.

14.How much does the Thuraya Atlas IP cost?

Please consult your account manager or Thuraya Service Partner for the cost of the terminal.

15.Where can I buy the Thuraya Atlas IP?

The Thuraya Atlas IP is available through our official Service Partners globally. To check on the Service Partner closest to you, go to: