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1.Are there different Thuraya SatSleeve models available?

To date, Thuraya has launched three versions of SatSleeve models:

  • SatSleeve for iPhone (Voice model) was launched in March 2013 and provided call and SMS functionality in satellite mode
  • The second generation SatSleeve for iPhone (Data model), launched in September 2013, replaces the first model. In addition to call and SMS functionality this model also has satellite data functionalities for emails, instant messaging, social media apps, etc.
  • SatSleeve for Android was launched in January 2014 and provides call and SMS functionality and it has satellite data functionalities for emails, instant messaging, social media apps, etc.

2.Which smartphone models can be used with the Thuraya SatSleeve?

SatSleeve for iPhone:

Adaptor for iPhone 5/5s is inside the package (adaptors for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 6/6S are available separately from Thuraya Service Partners)

SatSleeve for Android:

Adaptor for Samsung Galaxy S4 is inside the package (adaptors for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5 are available separately from Thuraya Service Partners)

3.Can I use an iPhone with the SatSleeve for Android and vice versa?

No, the SatSleeve for Android is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones and the SatSleeve for iPhone is only compatible with iPhones. Please note the different packaging for the two models.

4.Where can I download the Thuraya SatSleeve App?

The SatSleeve App can be downloaded for free:

  • From the Apple App store directly through your iPhone
  • From Google Play directly through your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

5.What network does the Thuraya SatSleeve run on?

The Thuraya SatSleeve works in satellite mode throughout Thuraya’s entire coverage network which covers two thirds of the globe, across more than 160 countries.

6.What is the data speed of the Thuraya SatSleeve?

The Thuraya SatSleeve provides you with access to emails, instant messaging, apps and basic Internet connectivity in satellite mode. If you choose to access the Internet in satellite mode with the SatSleeve, please note that satellite data speeds are not as fast as 3G or 4G terrestrial networks. Data download speeds in satellite mode are up to 60 kbps for downloads and up to 15 kbps for uploads on GmPRS.

For the best internet experience using your Thuraya SatSleeve:

  • When emailing or messaging, reduce the size of images to decrease the overall message size
  • Use mobile versions of websites and Apps (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) rather than desktop versions of websites
  • Use web browsers that offer the option of text-only browsing or use websites that convert webpages into text-only pages

7.Does the smartphone work on terrestrial networks when it is docked in the Thuraya SatSleeve?

Yes it does. Your smartphone can still be used to make non-satellite calls and to access the Internet while being docked in the SatSleeve, which also serves as a back-up battery charger.

8.Which SIM card can be used in the Thuraya SatSleeve?

The Thuraya SatSleeve can be used across the Thuraya network either with a Thuraya SIM card or with a standard GSM SIM card from over 350 worldwide GSM operators across more than 160 countries.

Thuraya’s GSM roaming services offers you a cost-effective and flexible service to fit your individual needs when traveling. Thuraya SatSleeve enables you to enjoy ubiquitous satellite coverage even in the most remote environments that are not served or under-served by terrestrial networks.

9.During an active call with the Thuraya SatSleeve, sometimes the “Hold” and “SMS” button are greyed out, why?

Calls that are made within the Thuraya network (e.g. from SatSleeve to SatSleeve or to a Thuraya XT satellite phone) do not support SMS while in an active call and do not support conference calls. However, the Hold and SMS features will be available when one party is a landline or GSM phone.

10.What are the dimensions and weight of the Thuraya SatSleeve?

The dimensions of the SatSleeve main unit are 138 x 69 x 20 mm (h x w x d) and weighs 178g.

11.What is included in the Thuraya SatSleeve package?

The package contains the Thuraya SatSleeve’s main unit, battery, travel charger (with four adapters for EU, UK, CN/JP, AUS), USB cable, a user manual in 14 languages, warranty card and an accessories info sheet.

The SatSleeve for iPhone package contains in addition an adapter for iPhone 5/5S (adaptors for iPhone 4/4S are available separately from Thuraya Service Partners).

The SatSleeve for Android package contains in addition an adapter for Samsung Galaxy S4 (adaptors for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5 are available separately from Thuraya Service Partners).

12.Does the Thuraya SatSleeve have its own microphone and speaker?

Yes, the Thuraya SatSleeve comes with its own microphone and speaker.

13.How long does the battery last?

The Thuraya SatSleeve’s standby time is up to 36 hours, with talk time of up to 3 hours.

14.How long does it take to charge the Thuraya SatSleeve?

It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge an empty Thuraya SatSleeve.

15.How to know when the battery of the Thuraya SatSleeve is fully charged without having the App open?

The LED on the Thuraya SatSleeve will turn from red to blue.

16.Which languages does the App support?

The Thuraya SatSleeve App supports the following languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

17.How do I change the language of the SatSleeve App?

The language of the App changes when the language of the smartphone is changed.

18.I’m connected to the Thuraya network but the GPS icon in the status bar keeps on flashing. What does it mean?

If the GPS icon flashes, it indicates that the device does not have a “GPS-fix” (i.e. the unit could not receive the GPS position from the GPS satellites). To rectify this, please move to a place with an unobstructed view of the sky that will allow the Thuraya SatSleeve to receive its GPS position.

19.How can I receive calls when the smartphone is not docked and paired?

The main unit of the Thuraya SatSleeve has a vibration alert to indicate incoming calls. You can accept incoming calls using the SOS button and you can even make a call without your smartphone docked in the Thuraya SatSleeve because the main unit has a microphone and speaker. To end any calls, press the SOS button again.

20.How can I receive incoming calls when the smartphone is docked and paired but the App is not open?

The main unit of the Thuraya SatSleeve will have a vibration alert to indicate incoming calls. All you have to do is open the App and then accept the call.

21.Do I have to pair the Thuraya SatSleeve with the smartphone every time I switch them on?

Normally the units have only to be paired one time, the units will then pair automatically the next time.

22.Can I connect multiple smartphones to the Thuraya SatSleeve in parallel?

No, only one unit can be connected at a time.

23.Can I do a data session in parallel with a voice call?

No, only a voice call or a data session at a time can be established.

24.What is the maximum WiFi range of the SatSleeve?

The Wifi range indoors is up to 20 meters and outdoors it is up to 50 meters.

25.Can I use the data mode of the SatSleeve without being paired via Bluetooth?

No, in order to access the SatSleeve App on the smartphone you need to be paired via Bluetooth.

26.What happens if I am on a satellite call and there is an incoming GSM call?

When this happens, your satellite call will be disconnected.

27.Can I charge my smartphone from the SatSleeve battery?

The SatSleeve for iPhone can be used as a backup battery charger for the iPhone. The charging function is not available on the SatSleeve for Android due to the larger form factor of the smartphone.

Please note that the iPhone charging function from the SatSleeve is not available during active calls or data usage.

28.How does the Thuraya SatSleeve work? What are its features?

The Thuraya SatSleeve is a compact adaptor that allows smartphone users to turn their phone into a satellite smartphone, giving them the ability to have reliable connectivity beyond the coverage of traditional terrestrial networks.

The Thuraya SatSleeve works by using an App that can be downloaded for free. When docked in the SatSleeve, the smartphone can access email and popular social media and messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp among many others. Thuraya SatSleeve users can post news updates, chat via message apps with their contacts as well as send and receive emails from the most remote locations in satellite mode.

29.Which access points (APNs) are available for use with Thuraya GmPRS?

The standard APN for GmPRS services on Thuraya handsets is ‘GET’. To increase the speed when loading websites you can also use one of Thuraya’s APNs with built-in compression: the APN ‘GETLC’ provides low compression rates (images on websites will be compressed), and the APN ‘GETHC’ provides high compression rates (images will not be downloaded to reduce website loading time). Depending on your requirements, select the most suitable APN in the GmPRS settings on your Thuraya handset.