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Our network has the unique ability to prioritize and increase signal availability over disaster hot spots. This ensures that relief teams and victims get the connectivity they need without any congestion, in order to make a real difference in the areas they serve.


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The NEW Wave in Satellite Communications at Sea!

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• Maritime Qualified: IEC 60945

• Comprehensive Range of Product Offering: Voice,

  Data, Voice & Data

• Cost-efficient Maritime Broadband and Voice Price Plans:

  Entry level to Maritime Broadband Unlimited

• Modular Solutions

• Feature-rich: Built in Wi-Fi & Firewall, Geo-fencing,

  Tracking, MAC Filtering

• Powerful Satellites: Compact Antenna

• Simple Installation: Single Cable to Antenna

• Robust Connection

Our marine terminals operate on the powerful, advanced Thuraya network. Our price plans are the most competitive in the market, and they are tailor-made to the requirements of our customers.


Our satellite design offers users higher data rates, even though our competitors use the same size antenna. Thuraya marine terminals are easy to install, helping ships to serve as remote offices.


The terminals also enhance the welfare of onboard crew by delivering reliable and efficient data and voice capabilities.


To know more about our terminals, best-in-class data rates and price plans, please email us at





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