Supervisory control and data acquisition



SCADA refers to a combination of Telemetry and Data Acquisition. SCADA includes data collection and transfer it to a central site for analyzing data and control the equipment then displaying data on the screens. SCADA is used for monitoring and control of Factory, Equipment or Transmission Networks. Control may be initiated automatically or by sending operator commands.

SCADA system consists of three major parts:

  • Central Station (Master station)
  • Remote Terminal Units or RTU
  • Communication lines for sending and receiving data and commands or Data Link

Control and monitoring performed by SCADA ivs done through collecting information of remote terminals and sending them to the central computer via communication lines for processing and perform necessary operations. After processing and decision-making, the central computer sends necessary commands to remote terminals via communication lines, they adjust the system by received commands. Communication between terminals and the central computer can be in various ways such as public phone systems, VHF, UHF, Fiber Optics, Radio and Satellite network.

Thuraya satellite network has  establish a secure connection through a reliable network. Thuraya Company produced TDC in order to collect and transfer data.




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