Knowledge Center

1. What is the Thuraya Payphone?

Thuraya Payphone is a solution for rural areas where customers have difficulties to afford mobile satellite phones. It is a debit card payphone whereby customers can purchase chip cards of certain value in advance and use the chip card to make calls afterwards.

2. How to make a call via Call-for-All cards?

Calls with Call-for-All cards can be made by dialing 155, 156 or 157. The system will ask afterwards to enter the Call-for-All PIN.


Dial 155 for English language

Dial 156 for Arabic language

Dial 157 for French language

3. Can the chip cards be programmed? Are they re-usable?

No, the chip cards have predefined face values and can only be used one time.

4. Will CDR logs be available to Service Providers?

All traffic details can be seen on the PCAS (Prepaid Customer Administration System) that is provided to all Service Providers.

5. Does the caller have to use the international destination code inside the same country?

Yes, the user has to dial 00 even for local calls.

6. What kind of hardware do I need to set up the Thuraya Payphone?

The following components are required to set up the Thuraya Payphone service:

Thuraya Payphone

Thuraya Payphone SIM Card

SAT and GPS Antennas that come with the Payphone package

7. How is the Payphone service available to customers?

The Thuraya Payphone service is available to customers through Service Providers and distributors assigned by Thuraya.

8. Who are the target customers?

Thuraya Payphones offer telecommunication access to remote and rural areas, including towns, villages or hamlets. Some fields of operation are:

Government and military compounds/offices in rural/remote areas

Remote hotels, gas stations, construction sites and compounds

Marine rigs


Highways between cities/villages

Oil and gas industries


9. Can additional service charges be added by the Service Provider?

National Service Provider can add additional service/tax charges in the tariff table.

10. Can the currency format be changed?

No, because chip cards or Call-for-All cards are used that have predefined face values in USD only.

11. What does Thuraya Payphone Package contain?

The Thuraya Payphone comes with the following components:

Thuraya Payphone Unit

Satellite antenna with 25 meter cable

GPS antenna with 25 meter cable

External Battery Cable

Quick Installation, Quick Trouble Shooting Guide

User Manual

12. What are the basic steps to start using Thuraya Payphone?

Using the Thuraya Payphone is a quick and easy task:

Insert the SIM card

Connect the SAT and GPS antennas

Switch on and obtain Network and GPS fix

Now your Thuraya Payphone is ready to make the first call

13. What should I do to obtain Network and GPS fix?

Place the GPS antenna outside on a flat surface with a clear view to the sky. Afterwards disconnect the power and restart the Thuraya Payphone. The unit will now attempt to locate itself using GPS location data (this may take up to five minutes).

14. Can I change the SIM card while Thuraya Payphone is powered on?

No, the terminal must be switched off before replacing the SIM card.

15. Where is the SIM card placed?

The SIM card is placed in the fixed TU that is placed inside the Thuraya Payphone unit.

16. Is Thuraya Payphone designed for indoor or outdoor use?

The Thuraya Payphone can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

17. Can a Thuraya Payphone SIM card be used in other Thuraya terminals/products?

No, the Thuraya Payphone SIM card can only be used in the Payphone.