Automatic Meter Reading


AMR is a new technology in order to communicate with equipment to measure pressure, density, temperature, etc. through an integrated system consisting of hardware, software, network and different communication platform, it is used to read data and other measured parameters quickly and reliably in real time and send them to a Data Base for data analysis, management restrictions and control.

In general, remote meter reading system consists of three major parts:

  1. Meter and modem (subscriber side)
  2. Communications channel to transfer data
  3. Main server with installed management software

Communication channel could be established as public phone systems, VHF, UHF, fiber optics, radio and satellite network.

Thuraya satellite network establish a secure connection through a stable network. In order to collect and transfer data, TDC produced by Thuraya Company used as a modem installed beside the meter.

The advantages of AMR:

  • Reduce cost of reading
  • Real time billing information
  • Reduce billing issue errors
  • Reduce customers complaint and increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee safety by reducing the number of personnel on ways and more secure methods of reading
  • Flexible reading program, eliminating delay in issuance of Billing Summary
  • Theft monitoring
  • Promote energy conservation



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