Asia Platform


Asia Telecommunications Company offers comprehensive solutions for fleet management system in a single platform by satellite and cellular technology in Land, Maritime and Aviation fields.


  • Fleet management Software:          ATfleet


  • Fleet management Devices:

Thuraya T2M

Thuraya TDC

 Thuraya Orion

 Thuraya seagull

  • Fuel consumption accounting,
  • fuel theft and fuel filling accounting
  • Driving behavior/Eco Driving
  • Temperature control
  • CAN-bus data parameters reading
  • Doors opening detection
  • Alarm button
  • Remote engine shutdown
  • Two way communication with driver
  • Geofence control alerts
  • Sea map
  • Weight detection
  • OTA programing
  • Fleet performance analysis
  • Workforce performance analysis
  • Precise location service
  • Routing service and Route optimization
  • Route check points visit control
  • Security control
  • Engine-hours control
  • Machine hours control
  • Address searching
  • Nearest units searching
  • Handy management system