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Thuraya high-speed broadband terminals allow you to set different uplink and downlink speeds. This is particularly useful when large amounts of exploration data need to be sent, with little data being received. The reduced bandwidth can translate to nearly 40% in cost savings.


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Remote explorations. We’re there with you.


The growing demand for energy resources means that onshore and offshore exploration and production operations are extending further into remote regions. In such locations, Thuraya mobile satellite communications provides voice and high-speed data links that ensure your people, systems, and facilities stay connected.


Wherever the search for resources takes your team, you can depend on Thuraya EnergyComms to significantly boost field effectiveness by enabling affordable voice calls, fax, SMS and Internet services, support SCADA monitoring equipment, security feeds, field-to-field coordination, location and geological reporting, as well as tracking of assets. Thuraya’s satellite network enables your employees to stay connected with their colleagues and families, and ensures your production keeps up with global demand.


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